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Blog Post What is Quorum and Why is it Important

What is Quorum and Why is it Important

One of the first things that is done before every  meeting begins is for the community association to assure that a Quorum has been established. A quorum is defined as the minimum number of owners who must be at a meeting before business can be transacted. Often, quorum is t...
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Blog Post What is a Special Meeting?

What is a Special Meeting?

Special meetings are unscheduled meetings called from time to time by the Board for a specific purpose. Special meetings usually address issues that need immediate attention or that need more time and discussion than can be handled in routine board or annual meetings.There are a ...
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Blog Post

How our Software sets your Association up for success

Since Priestley Management Open its door in 1990, we have been a leader of the Community Association Management industry. Our Software, Cinc systems, plays an integral role in allowing Priestley Management to remain a leader in the industry. David Priestley, CEO/President of Prie...
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Blog Post Why Hire a HOA Management Company?

Why Hire a HOA Management Company?

Board of directors have to wear a bunch of different "hats" on any given day and chances are your Board of Directors could use a little help when it comes to the day to day task of running an Association.   Below are some of the reasons your Association should part...
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