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Resale Documents

Statements of Unpaid Assessments, Questionnaires, Association Documents and TRID

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Priestley Management Company has partnered with HomeWiseDocs to provide 24/7 document and data delivery services for our community associations. HomeWiseDocs provides reliable, around-the-clock online access to questionnaires, governing documents and other association information.

Simply go to and select the Sign Up link to register. Once you are a registered user, you may order the following:

Statements of Unpaid Assessments.

A Statement of Unpaid Assessments provides the information needed for purchasing or refinancing a home. There are multiple packages available to suit your needs.


Questionnaires, also referred to as lender certifications or condo certifications, contain the essential data required for mortgage lenders to determine if they can lend money in a particular association. Many transactions may not close until the lender has had the opportunity to review this data. A generic HOA Questionnaire is available for purchase as well as FHA, FNMA and other lender specific questionnaires, which may be purchased at an additional cost. If your form is not in the “Select Lender” list, a custom questionnaire may be ordered by choosing “My Form is Not Here” from this list and uploading your custom form. Premier and standard questionnaire bundles that include association documents are available as well.

Association Documents.

Association documents are available for purchase. Available documents include Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, insurance declaration pages and budgets.

TRID Loan Estimate Fee Schedules.

The TRID Loan Estimate Fee Schedule lists all fees related to the Association to assist in the completion of the loan estimate form. Federal regulations require lenders and closing agents to comply with the new TILA (Truth in Lending Act) and RESPA (Real Estate Settlements Procedures Act) Integrated Disclosure Rule where they must disclose all fees associated with the real estate transaction. There is no charge for this document.

For more information on ordering, please visit

We are certain you will appreciate the many conveniences offered by HomeWiseDocs: