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Priestley Management Company- Hurricane Idalia Update #1

Priestley Management Company- Hurricane Idalia Update #1

Wilmington, NC: Priestley Management Company is closely watching the track of Hurricane Idalia. As of August 29, 2023, various parts of Coastal North Carolina are expected to feel impacts from Hurricane Idalia. To find the latest weather briefing regarding the storm, click the below link:

According to the national weather service, impacts across southeast NC will be greatly determined by the eventual track of Idalia, and as of right now the primary impacts are expected to be from flooding rainfall and possibly a few tornadoes. Overall, the impacts in Coastal North Carolina may include:

• Heavy rainfall and flooding
• A few tornadoes and waterspouts
• potential for some storm surge
• Gusty winds exceeding 40 mph (tropical storm force)
• Strong rip currents from Hurricane Franklin off to the east and from Idalia ○
• Hazardous maritime conditions

Our community managers are working with your Association’s Board of Directors and vendors to implement any currently needed precautions to secure your community. We encourage homeowners to have a plan to proactively secure your property in the event of tropical storm conditions in our area. This includes securing exterior items such furniture, umbrellas, trash, decorative items, and other loose debris that could potentially become projectiles.

Below are various links that will help you prepare and track the storm:

As a reminder, if you note any damage during or after the storm, we encourage you to open a work order at For after-hour emergencies you may contact our 24/7 emergency line at 910-509-7276, option 3.

We encourage you to listen to local and state news for any potential important updates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Association Manager at 910-509-7276 or via their designated email.