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Why Hire a HOA Management Company?

Why Hire a HOA Management Company?

Board of directors have to wear a bunch of different "hats" on any given day and chances are your Board of Directors could use a little help when it comes to the day to day task of running an Association.   Below are some of the reasons your Association should partner with a professional Association Management Company:

  • Professional managers must be aware of many laws and regulations—real estate, corporate and labor laws; federal laws and state statutes and government regulations.
  •  Professional managers must have a working knowledge of finances, accounting, budget preparation, taxes and insurance.
  •  Professional managers must have strong personnel management skills—hiring and supervising contractors and staff.
  •  Professional managers must work and communicate effectively with residents, resolve disputes and facilitate communications.
  • Professional managers must have a keen understanding of property maintenance—landscaping, repairs and replacements, facilities upkeep and mechanical maintenance.
  • Professional managers coach and mentor the board members who govern the association. They help conduct meetings, supervise elections and ensure compliance with governing documents. Governance is one key area where property management and community management differ.

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